Lenord + Bauer specialized in the manufacture of extremely robust sensors for rail vehicles decades ago. Along with the maintenance-free and wear-free rotational speed sensors and temperature sensors, rolling stock manufacturers all over the world value the precise measured values provided by Lenord + Bauer high-resolution incremental encoders. The long-lasting measuring systems are used for

• Train control,
• Traction monitoring and
• Bogie monitoring as well as
• For anti-skid protection

 The product range also includes odometers for the acquisition of the mileage of goods wagons.
 The electronic components in the sensors are protected against extreme weather conditions, humidity, shock and vibration by specially developed manufacturing methods. They comply with common railway standards.
 Customer-specific solutions for railway applications
 Most of these applications are individual solutions that have been developed in cooperation with our

早在几十年前,Lenord+Bauer 就专门生产适用于轨道车辆的、耐用性极强的传感器。除了无 需维护、无损耗的转速传感器和温度传感器外,全世界的列车制造商也一致称赞 Lenord+Bauer 高分辨率增量式编码器的精确测量值。耐用的测量系统可用于
• 列车安全、
• 牵引控制、
• 转向架监控及
• 防滑。