Glenair, Inc. began operations in 1956 as the first company specifically founded to produce electrical connector accessories. Building on that foundation, we now offer a dozen, full-spectrum product lines designed to meet every interconnect requirement, including a broad range of military qualified and commercial connectors.
Glenair is a privately-held company whose strengths include ISO 9001 process quality, full-spectrum product lines, fast "turnaround" on quotes and custom orders, unsurpassed sales and technical support in every major market in the world, and the industry's largest standing inventory of commercial and Mil-Spec electrical connector accessories.
From our industry-leading Series 80 Mighty Mouse connector to our Super ITS next-generation reverse bayonet power connector, Glenair has become the go-to market leader for innovation in interconnect systems. While many of our industry peers are seemingly content to rely on existing designs and their long-term print position in high-reliability systems, Glenair has taken steps to gear our outfit with a focus on innovation – tackling the toughest problems around – from size and weight reduction to better solutions for high-speed data transmission.

Address:1211 Air Way, Glendale, California, 91201-2497, United States